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We believe collaboration is at the heart of education.

Currently, we have several important research projects aimed towards conservation and education:

Anishinaabe-Mishtadimoons Inawendiwin - Restoring and
Awakening the Cultural and Ecological Context 

PIs Drs. Jeneile Luebke and Brian McInnes. 


Timeline: 2023-2025.

In 1976, only four Lac La Croix Ojibwe ponies (mishtadimoonsag) remained after facing near decimation

from both US and Canadian governments. The reciprocal exchange between the Ojibwe and their four-
legged relatives formed Ojibwe horse society traditions. Colonial policy aimed at decimating Indigenous

lifeways, languages, and cultural traditions, disrupted time-honored systems of human-animal

interrelationship and the values, ethics, and spiritual connections that were a part of Anishinaabe-
Mishtadimoons' interrelationship. The breed is critically endangered with only 20 registered Ojibwe

ponies currently residing in the United States. Ojibwe people have experienced similar losses, with only
20 first speakers of Wisconsin Ojibwe remaining. We propose to partner with the Humble Horse to
collect Ojibwe language stories of the ponies and develop a learning guide to help facilitate healing and
education for Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. As Indigenous researchers, we will utilize a
Seven Teachings knowledge-building framework in our work with six Lac La Croix and Bois Forte
members who grew up with Ojibwe ponies. We are interested in how these horses were integrated into
community life and how these stories can strengthen culture, language, and life practices in Ojibwe
communities today.

Mishtadimoonsag Repatriation Project

Collaboration between The Humble Horse and Native Wise LLC @ Dancing Crane Farm on Fond Du Lac tribal lands

In 2023, two Ojibwe geldings (Shy from Grey Raven Ranch and Echo from The Humble Horse) were placed on Dancing Crane Farm in the loving care of Ojibwe caretakers. We continue to work with the farm to continue repatriation work to tribal lands.

2022-2023: Ojibwe Pony semen collection and freezing project. 

PI Dr. Casie Bass
UW-River Falls

Collection and freezing of Ojibwe studs and colts for long-term storage of reproductive samples.
Results: Successful collection and freezing of first Ojibwe stallion in the United States.

Projects: Welcome
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